Family protection, immigration, succession
“Succession planning and transfer of wealth are integral parts of an asset protection and preservation strategy. It would be a mistake to put these issues to the side, only because they seem too sensitive or remote. We aim to offer solutions to ensure your family’s wellbeing, even if you may not be able to support them in person and help reduce pressure and administrative burdens associated with probate procedures.”

Robert Steel
Trust Director /
Saffery Champness
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Additionally, we can highlight options to safeguard and pass wealth to future generations.

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Our report will include all options and opportunities for your family and business, specifics of local immigration legislation, opportunities for obtaining citizenship, and rules governing physical presence.
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Operations Director/ Monopoly Advisers
Stas Yoffe
“Pre- and post-nuptial agreements are a legal mechanism which gives parties more certainty and protection in case of divorce.”

“Unfortunately, nobody can be insured against family disasters and the stress of divorce is never easy. The international element will add yet another layer of complexity (whether it is possible to apply for divorce and financial separation in different countries, the problems of recognition and enforcement of court orders outside jurisdictions etc.). That said, getting legal advice early, along with good strategic planning (ideally prior to relocation to another country) can help you to reach the appropriate legal solutions that are recognised and enforceable in the relevant countries.”

Antonina Sarenborg
Senior Trust Officer/
Saffery Champness (Suisse) S.A.